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On October 6th 2012, GS1 is releasing and putting into production version 2.8 of the Global Data Synchronization Network standards. Here at CGS Datapool, we will be upgrading our data processing applications on the same date to version 2.8. The great majority of the changes that have come with this maintenance release will not affect you, the end user, but there are a few changes you will need to be aware of relating to the upload templates. They are as follows:

CGS Upload Template 2.7.2

    Will not be supported after October 19th 2012 Starting October 6th, the "model number" field (column 6) on the Hardlines tab will not be functional; you must enter your model number into column 59 on the Core tab (ID 1) and select the Type (column 60 on the Core tab) as "Supplier Assigned". Starting October 6th, the export functionality from the website will be disabled for Template 2.7.2 , please export your data as Excel Upload Template 2.8

CGS Upload Template 2.8

  • Will become our new standard GDSN template
  • Will be available starting Oct 6th at
  • Removal of the Hardlines tab
    • "Is Trade Item Recalled" is now on the extended tab at column 220
    • "Return Goods Policy" is now on the extended tab at column 221
    • "Units per Trade Item" is now on the extended tab at columns 222 and 223
    • "Is Frost Resistant" is now on the extended tab at column 223
    • "Model Number" has been deprecated, "model number" is now being implemented by the Additional Trade Item ID fields on column 59 and 60 (Type is Supplier Assigned) on the Core tab
  • Addition of the removed Hardlines fields on to the extended tab

On October 5th at 5pm ET, our messaging system will be stopped and no new messages will be sent to trading partners. The deployment of the new release will be completed by 3:00pm EST on Saturday, October 6th. At this point, any messages created between the hours of the downtime will then be sent.

New Multiple Item Publish Spreadsheet Now Available

11/2/2011 11:30:00 AM - We now provide a new spreadsheet that allows for the publishing of multiple items to multiple recipients in one upload. You can find this spreadsheet in the File Layouts section in the documentation section. It is named CGS_Publishing_Template_1.0.xls

CGS Datapool Services Version 2.7.1 Released

10/23/2010 3:00:00 PM - CGS Datapool Services released version 2.7.1 of the CGS Datapool web tool and a new upload template today to coincide with GDSN Maintenance Release 4 (MR4). Maintenance Releases are how GS1 GDSN implement new and improved standards into the network and in MR4 the new GDSN message schemas include any new item attributes and code list values that have been approved by the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP).

The new upload template includes all new attributes introduced in this GDSN release as well as all supported extensions including the Hardlines and Lowe’s extensions. These changes will enable users to better manage their item information. Features maintained from older versions include cell validations, drop down lists and detailed field descriptions - which are still included to make data entry easy. Users can begin migrating to the new format immediately for new items, and will be able to export their items into the new format within a month.

New features added to the web tool include improved item selection tools for selecting items from the catalogue for registration and export. Uses are now able to select all items in a single click, making the registration or export of large numbers of items much faster and easier.

In addition to implementing the new standards, attributes and tools, we also made improvements to some of our back end system processes. These improvements, which include enhanced AS2 messaging processing and better processing of inbound errors, may not be seen directly by users but will make our data pool services even more reliable. Our AS2 processing has been improved to include additional automatic resends for failed messages when a recipient data pool is offline and better notifications if we are unable to connect after several attempts. We have also made improvements to the processing of inbound error messages from the GS1 Global Registry® - enabling the system to automatically retry item registrations when the GS1 Global Registry® has encountered an internal error which should ensure successful item registration, every time.

If you have any questions about GDSN Maintenance Release 4, the upload template, screen tools or the back end processing improvements, please contact

New CGS Release 2.3.2 – September 2009

9/23/2009 5:00:00 PM - We are excited to announce the latest upgrades to CGS Datapool Services. Our new and upgraded features make it easier to manage your catalogue and Get In Sync with your trading partners.

You will notice much faster loading on many of our pages, allowing you to quickly navigate to the areas you use most frequently. The View Activity page now keeps you up to date on all of your account activity and enables you to jump more quickly between your Published and needing to be Published items.

As well, in response to your requests, we have added a search function to the Publish Items screen. You can now filter on much more that just the Sync status of the item, and can now search by GTIN, ID, Description, Unit, Initial Published Date, and much more. This makes it simple for you to stay on top of your ever changing Syncing needs.

We are most excited about our new feature that allows you to extract all or some of the product information from your catalogue. You can use this feature to update your own internal applications to include changes made in CGS Datapool Services, to create reports, price lists and sell sheets, or virtually any other use for your product information that you can think of. For now, we have enabled our two most commonly used file formats but will be adding more soon. As always, we look forward to working with you to create any specific format that you want or need.

Details and instructions on all of the new features are available in the User Guide in the Documentation section of our secure website. Contact us at with any questions.

Sears Holdings Data Sync Initiative

5/22/2009 5:00:00 PM - On May 14, 2009 Sears Holdings released a letter to all suppliers announcing the start of their Data Sync Initiative. All suppliers to Sears USA and Kmart must begin sending new products through the GDSN. As a part of that announcement they indicated that they would like for all of their vendors to be engaged with a GDSN-certified data pool by September 2009.

If you are already a CGS Datapool subscriber, you are ready to get started! Send us any questions you have about how to get started at .

Not a CGS Datapool Subscriber? We can get you signed up and ready to Sync your products with Sears Holdings quickly and easily with a low, per-item fee. Contact Mike Dunbar with any questions at or by calling 905-727-6782 ext 2208.

For more information about the Sears Holdings requirements please see the following Documentation:
  • Letter to Suppliers
  • Trading Partner Form
  • Implementation Guide

    New CGS Release - October 2008

    10/22/2008 5:00:00 PM - CGS Datapool Services has upgraded the website with some new features to make the management of your data synchronization initiative easier than ever.

    One of the first changes you will notice is that we have combined the inbox and the Outbox into one comprehensive Message Center. This allows you to view both inbound and outbound messages in one convenient place. As always, double clicking on any message will present the details of that message for your review and action. Inbound and Outbound messages are archived separately and each is accessible through the ‘Go to Archive’ button below each of the sections. This allows you to keep your Message Center mailboxes clean, while always providing you access to your historical transaction data.

    We have also added a View Activity feature which provides you with a single view that summarizes all of the data synchronization activity related to your account. When you first open the Manage section you are presented with a static snapshot of your current activity. As a vendor you have a View Activity link on the left hand side where you are presented with a fully interactive activity chart. From this chart you are able to see what subscriptions you are currently working with, how many items in your catalogue match each subscription and the recipient status of items related to that subscription. For more detailed information on this chart please see the CGS User Guide Ver 1.2 in the documentation section.

    That’s not all of the improvements that have been made! We have added improved search capabilities on a number of the pages allowing you to filter and search your messages and sync list based on important fields such as trading partner, GTIN, date, status and target market. In addition we have also implemented the GS1 AVP Extension for use by all trading partners. Managing your ongoing data synch initiative has never been easier!

    We hope that you will be as excited about these new features as we are. If you have any questions please contact cgssupport@commport.comand we will be sure to address them as soon as possible.

    db advantage releases O.P.DATA® Version 4

    3/10/2008 5:00:00 PM - Commport Communications announces the release of db advantage’s O.P.DATA® Version 4. The response to this latest version has been excellent, and we have received glowing feedback from our users regarding the benefits of upgraded format and ease of use.

    “Our users are happy with the new V4 file structure,” as quoted from Norm MacLoad, Basics Office Products Ltd., “The screens are more logical and readable. The dba descriptions are very helpful for our content team and we are using your French translations to assist us in developing our translations. We continue to use O.P.DATA® as our primary source for digital images and the system works very well. We are 5 weeks into our 2009 catalogue production and we are ahead of schedule because the process has never been smoother. The O.P.DATA® content is now being married with our group office content and we are updating our dealer files on a weekly basis.”

    db advantage, powered by Commport’s CGS Datapool Services, is a data pool specializing in office products data synchronization and value added information. For more information contact

    Commport and BookNet Canada rollout BNCDataSync Project

    11/29/2007 10:00:00 AM - Commport Communications Intl, inc. is enthused by the success of our partnership with BookNet Canada and our shared initiative to bring the publishing industry into Global Data Synchronization. Through Commport’s CGS Datapool Services, our certified GDSN compliant datapool, we have begun the Pilot stage of the BNC DataSync project, which employs the BookNet regulated ONIX publishing standard directly with our specialized data synchronization solutions. BNC DataSync offers the trouble free addition of GDSN practices to traditional book industry data synchronization.

    BookNet Canada is a not-for-profit organization which coordinates supply chain standards and technology for the Canadian book market. Our work with BookNet allows great opportunity for members of the industry with no disruption to the current industry model.

    ‘Publishers are familiar with the ONIX data sharing standard,’ said Meagan Ralph, Director of CGS Datapool Services, ‘And it was our goal to develop a strategy which would build on this proven system, rather than depend on its obsolescence.’

    Global data synchronization is the direction of the greater retail community and there is no reason now that Canada’s book market cannot be in time with these trends. BNC DataSync makes it possible to use these same ONIX standards to open this industry to the global market at little cost by acting as what BookNet’s Michael Tamblyn calls the ‘ONIX-to-GDSN bridge’.

    Mr. Tamblyn was quoted in Personanondata, which specializes in publishing industry news and events; ‘We selected a vendor with a strong track record in high-volume data processing who has made a name for themselves enabling whole industries on GDSN but who was also willing to toss out the rulebook on GDSN pricing to meet the needs of the book industry.’

    Working closely with BookNet Canada, Commport is making it possible to utilize a trusted standard of business within the technology of the GDSN. The practice of utilizing the knowledge and experience of an industry association to ensure that the best interests of the organizations involved are met was proven in our highly successful partnership with dbAdvantage who provides a value-added Data Synchronization solution to members of the Canadian Office Products Association (COPA). On that note, The News Group, one of Canada’s largest book wholesalers to general merchandise and non-traditional booksellers, is already eager to participate in the BNC DataSync Pilot and is looking to start receive synchronized data in early January 2008.

    We take great pride in our ability to serve the breadth of an industry and enjoy opportunities to allow the greatest potential for the technology, our partner organization, and the industry as a whole.

    To view Michael Tamblyn’s interview visit:

    BookNet Canada launches GDSN pilot for North American publishers

    6/5/2007 12:30:00 PM - TORONTO – June 5, 2007 Kicking off a week of supply chain announcements, BookNet Canada, the agency committed to innovation in the book industry supply chain, is beginning a new pilot project, BNC DataSync, to test the possibilities of Global Data Snchronization Network (GDSN) information sharing for Canadian and U.S. publishers and general retailers.

    GDSN allows manufacturers and retailers to share timely product information through a global network of linked databases. It is a model with significant momentum in grocery, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods sectors. Publishers have remained on the sidelines because of high fees and significant technical challenges even though “non-book” retail has become an important part of the book business.

    “Publishers have long struggled with the challenges of providing product information to the mass market. We now have an affordable service to help publishers serve that market more efficiently,” says Michael Tamblyn, CEO of BookNet Canada. “Old GDSN pricing might make sense if you are selling toothpaste, but fees were crippling to publishers with hundreds or thousands of titles.”

    BNC DataSync allows publishers to submit ONIX files, the book industry standard for data sharing, which are converted into the GDSN data format and submitted to the global network. This allows publishers to participate in GDSN with no additional development costs. BookNet Canada is now recruiting the first group of publishers who will be able to upload and share data at no cost during the year-long beta period.

    “Our relationship with Commport Communications, Canada’s only certified GDSN data pool, allows us to offer what is probably the most cost-effective GDSN service in North America,” added Tamblyn. “Commport immediately understood that the book industry had unique needs, that ONIX was a valuable tool, and that a completely different pricing model was required to bring publishers on board.” BNC DataSync’s pricing model includes low per-ISBN fees, capped to encourage publishers to list all of their available titles.

    For more information about BNC GDSN project or to apply to be a part of the project, contact or visit BookNet Canada`s website, .

    Morgan Cowie
    BookNet Canada
    416 362 5057 x231

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